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Welcome to the website for award winning Santa Monica plastic surgeon Dr. Michael McGuire. Here, you can learn more about the practice we have spent years building and the thousands of patients who have enjoyed a safe, comfortable and successful experience at our office.

We understand you have a lot of options for plastic surgeons in the Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills area. But we also understand that you deserve an outstanding plastic surgeon with a proven track record of success and safety.

That track record is exactly what we offer. Dr. McGuire has established himself as one of America's finest plastic surgeons.  A world-renowned plastic surgeon, he is the only doctor to serve as a clinical professor of plastic surgery at both USC and UCLA. He has taught many of the area's most well known plastic surgeons. Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. McGuire has pioneered many cosmetic innovations in the field of plastic surgery that help patients recover faster, achieve more extraordinary results and return to their lives with greater confidence.

If you live in Santa Monica, Los Angeles or the Beverly Hills, California area and you're looking for a plastic surgeon you know you can trust, please call Dr. Michael F. McGuire, M.D., F.A.C.S at 310-750-0725.

Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon Named Top Plastic Surgeon by Hollywood Reporter

Dr. McGuire's extensive set of awards and recognition from colleagues and patients demonstrate the skill and ethical sensibility that have made him one of the nation's finest plastic surgeons.


What Sets Us Apart From Other Santa Monica Plastic Surgeons

1.  EXPERIENCE.  Dr. McGuire, has many years of tremendously successful experience in achieving dramatic cosmetic surgery transformations in thousands of patients from Beverly Hills and Santa Monica California as well as many happy patients from across the United States and around the world!  THERE IS NO OTHER PLASTIC SURGEON WITH GREATER EXPERIENCE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.

2.  STATURE.  Dr. McGuire is widely recognized for his expertise internationally.  He has served as President of the California Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as the American Society of Plastic surgeons (the largest organization of plastic surgeons in the world), the ONLY plastic surgeon in Los Angeles to do so;  he has been Chief of Plastic Surgery at the prestigious St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica for many years, supervising 70 plastic surgeons; he is a clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at BOTH USC and UCLA (the ONLY plastic surgeon to hold both honors); he is the ONLY plastic surgeon in southern California to serve as a Director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (the organization that grants Board certification).  THERE IS NO OTHER PLASTIC SURGEON WITH THESE CREDENTIALS ANYWHERE.

3.  INNOVATION.  Dr. McGuire has developed a number of cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments that are uniquely beneficial for his patients to achieve improvements in their appearance, including the lip tuck and lip lift; the eyebrow release; the “natural” face lift; and the use of Amino-plex ® with oxygen for skin care, laser resurfacing healing in ONE WEEK, and to increase hair graft survival.  THESE UNIQUE PROCEDURES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE AT THIS OFFICE.

4.  ENHANCED AESTHETIC PATIENT CARE PROGRAM.  This unique program was developed by Dr. McGuire many years ago to optimize the patient experience before and after having a cosmetic procedure at Pacific Coast Plastic Surgery Center.  It provides special care to prepare the patient for surgery, including a patient care coordinator, special pre-operative vitamins, detailed instructions, access to acupuncture and massage specialists, special pre-operative preparation and skin care, and a “gift bag” containing special items to optimize surgical recovery.  There is also special post-operative care provided, including special medication, camouflage make-up options, access to lymphatic massage, Amino-plex® with oxygen therapy to enhance healing, and additional TLC treats.  NO OTHER PLASTIC SURGEON HAS A PROGRAM LIKE THIS ANYWHERE.

5.  AMINO-PLEX® AND OXYGEN SPRAY (OXY-MIST).  Dr. McGuire was involved in the development and early use of this remarkable spray for rapid healing and dramatic results after CO2 laser resurfacing.  He has subsequently expanded its use in improving hair transplant success, and as a part of his Oxygen Therapy for skin health program.  The truly amazing benefits of this all natural combination of amino acids, minerals, and oxygen are phenomenal – providing anti-aging effects, improved skin health and appearance, and rapid healing after skin regeneration procedures.  DR. MCGUIRE IS THE ONLY PLASTIC SURGEON PROVIDING THIS “SUPER SPRAY” IN CALIFORNIA.

If you're considering plastic surgery in Southern California, our top rated plastic surgeon will be happy to talk to you about your needs. Please contact Dr. Michael McGuire, M.D., F.A.C.S today for a consultation.